• SEO is
    The ability to get a constant stream of interested customers 
    at low costs as compared to other types of advertising.
  • + Attendance growth
    + Increase in the number of calls and messages
    + Increase in business profits
    + Brand awareness
    + Market coverage
    This is what you would get by working with me
  • Contextual Advertising is
    The ability to get super fast sales of your products
    exclusively to the target audience in your city.

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Hello! My name is Roman, and I am an expert in search engine optimization, e-marketing and website promotion from Moscow, Russia. During over 6 years of my experience with SEO, I have implemented a lot of projects, helped dozens of companies all over the world increase the sales of their services, and assisted hundreds of online stores with boosting the sales of their products. Together with my team, we are not afraid of challenges, so please feel free to send me a message in case of any issues with website promotion.

I am a traveler, and now I am in Phuket, Thailand.
Sawadee krab!


Complex promotion of your business online

I can develop a customized strategy for promoting your website on the web, customized for your specific business, product or service, target audience, level of competition, budget, and the website’s readiness for search engine promotion.
By working with me, you would get a reliable partner, with hundreds of successful projects as a background. 
Over the years, I have accumulated an extensive portfolio of SEO and e-marketing works, a great number of different successful SEO and website promotion projects. You can find a small part of my SEO portfolio here.

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Three components of success:

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO

A website should fully meet the user's query. Page content should be hyper-relevant to the specific topic, and should reveal it as much as possible. Satisfied visitors = Profitable website!



A website has to be user-friendly, it needs to positively stand out among competitors in the SERP.

Commercial component

For commercial websites, it is important to provide maximum information on the purchase and order of services: price, terms of services, delivery terms, payment options, and so on.


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