Unicum SEO portfolio


Uvenco Holding which includes Unicum company is the leading manufacturer of vending equipment in Russia and Europe. The company’s products have for many years been in great demand with vending business representatives in countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, and Russia.


To achieve leading positions in search results, increase non-branded traffic, and the share of the company’s Internet presence. To run an audit of Google Adwords advertising campaigns and reduce the cost per click.


During the work over the website’s promotion, it achieved the leading positions in SERP. The website’s English version holds positions among the TOP 10 across over 100 search queries in organic search results on Google and Bing. The Russian version holds the leading positions across 150+ search requests in Yandex and Google.

Also, I have been able to reduce the cost per click for contextual advertising, thanks to which the company now gets 2.5 times more visitors for the same budget.

Market coverage and the company’s Internet presence have been significantly improved.